China Intelligent Urbanization Co-Creation Center for High Density Region (CIUC): The Announcement of the Winning Bidder for the First Group of Projects in Urbanization Research

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The Result of the open bidding for the first group of projects of China Intelligent Urbanization Co-Creation Center for High Density Region (CIUC) came out on 17th December,2013 after the careful review by the commission members and second-round examination by the experts. This bidding received positive feedback from the top research institutions in China and the renowned institutions from America, Germany, Italy and other regions. Finally, four projects won the bidding.

The emphasis of bidding process focuses on the following aspects: whether the project meet the requirements of the guidelines; whether the project is in line with the urgent needs of the urbanization development; whether the design of the technological route is scientific; and whether the subject is innovative and feasible. The first four projects achieved excellent scores in the independent review by each expert. 

The Winning Bidder for the First Group of Projects 

Research Topics

Name of Applicant

 Leading Institutes

The Simulation Analysis and Research of Self-organizing Behavior in Dense High-rise Building Community

Wang Xia

Tongji University

Land Value Tax: The shared Interests of Chinese Urban Land from the Perspective of Public Finance

Wang Yiming

University college London,Chinese Society for UrbanStudies

Applying IT to Manage and Serve Migrants in Cities

Ren Yuan

Fudan University

The Research of Energy Flow Model Construction Based on the Regional Energy Planning Study

Yu Hang

Tongji University


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